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Millingford - Subsurface Oil Pumps

Millingford International Limited, the UK's largest manufacturer of Subsurface Pumps and Fittings, commenced production in the early 1950's and have continued successfully to keep pace with the ever increasing demands of the Oil Industry to produce top quality, reliable products at competitive prices and provide a prompt and efficient service.
Millingford products are widely used across the world in many of the oil producing countries and are produced in facilities which are well equipped with modern plant and machinery and staffed by a highly trained, experienced and skilled work force. All Millingford products have to pass a stringent quality control regime in accordance with the latest international standards of quality assurance/control procedures including API Spec. Q1.

Millingford products are made in a range of different materials, consistent with recognised international standard specifications, to meet the varying conditions found in world-wide oil wells.

Millingford manufacture, supply and service the full range of Subsurface Pumps and Fittings covered by the API Specification 11AX in addition to a range of special pumps which has been developed to meet the wide variety of oil well conditions and the requirements of oil producers. Bore sizes range from 1" to 4 3/4" in diameter.

The Millingford range of special pumps include pumps designed to handle highly viscous crudes; high sand contents; high gas ratio; large volumes.

API Rod(Insert) Pumps
Thin-Wall barrel pumps with metal or soft-packed plungers for shallow to medium depth wells.
  • RWA - Stationary barrel, top anchor
  • RWB - Stationary barrel, bottom anchor
  • RWT - Travelling barrel, bottom anchor

Thin-Wall barrel pumps with soft-packed plungers for shallow to medium depth wells.
  • RSA - Stationary barrel, top anchor
  • RSB - Stationary barrel, bottom anchor
  • RST - Travelling barrel, bottom anchor

Heavy-Wall barrel pumps with metal plungers for deep or hard-to-pump wells.
  • RHA - Stationary barrel, top anchor
  • RHB - Stationary barrel, bottom anchor
  • RHT - Travelling barrel, bottom anchor

API Tubing Pumps
TH - Heavy -walled barrel pumps with metal plungers for medium depth to deep wells.

TP - Heavy-wall barrel (common working barrel) pump with soft-packed plungers for shallow to medium-depth wells.


Millingford Barrels are made from a wide variety of materials and in a range of bore sizes from 1" to 4 3/4". All barrels are precision honed and polished, within API specified tolerances, to give an optimum surface finish, straightened to within a maximum 0.005" T.I.R. and checked for straightness by drifting through a 5' long test plunger with 0.0005" to 0.00075" fit. Barrels are available or the full range of API insert Pumps and Tubing Pumps for use with both metal plungers and soft packed plungers.

Regular Barrels: Made from a low chrome molybdenum alloy steel for use where abrasion is not a factor.
Hardened Barrels: Made from the same low chrome molybdenum alloy steel as regular barrels, but with the bore hardened by a special nitriding process to give a surface hardness of between 58 and 63 RC.
Stainless Steel Barrels: (4% - 6% chrome) Bore hardened by a special nitriding process to give a surface hardness of between 66 and 70 RC.
Cupro-Nickel Barrels: Made from a 70% copper - 30% nickel alloy for moderate to severe corrosive non-abrasive conditions.
Monel Barrels: Made from Monel 400 which has excellent corrosion resistance properties for extremely corrosive non-abrasive conditions.

Millingford plungers are engineered for optimum performance and longer life under the most severe well conditions. Plungers are designed to suit specific well conditions where abrasion, corrosion, high water cut, hard sand content, or a combination of these conditions, exist.
Millingford pumps are available in all standard API sizes in addition to a range of non-API standards developed for their range of special pumps. Size range 1" through to 4 3/4" in diameter.

Metal plungers have a base material of low carbon steel and are provided with the following optional features:

-Hard chrome plated outside diameter for abrasive conditions where corrosion is not a factor.

-Metal sprayed outside diameter. Thermo-sprayed carbide and boride particles in a cobalt binder, giving a hard (58-60 RC) homogeneous impervious surface for abrasive and corrosive conditions.

-Plungers can be supplied with electro-nickel plated threads and/or bores to improve performance in extreme corrosive conditions. Pin end plungers can also be supplied with Monel pin ends.

-Special cup type and soft packed plungers are also available.

Valve Cages

Millingford valve cages are manufactured in a full range of styles and sizes and where appropriate conform strictly to API specifications. Available in the following materials:
  • Carbon Steel
  • Alloy Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass
  • Monel
For longer service, the Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel and Monel valve cages can be provided with stellite-face ball guides. Also available are 440C Stainless Steel cages.

Millingford valve, ball and seats are available in a wide range of materials to provide the appropriate choice for the many oil well conditions encountered. Materials vary from the standard 440C Stainless Steel through to a range of high grade stainless steels to the top of the range Tungsten Carbide. Valve balls and seats materials also include Monel 500, Bronze and Ceramic. Special machines are used to lap each seat to a precise size and fit with a precision finished ball and each combination is vacuum tested and individually packed to prevent a mismatched assembly. Millingford valve, balls and seats conform strictly to API Specifications unless otherwise stated.

Millingford manufacture a full range of mechanical, cup type and friction type hold downs to meet the customer's specific needs, with a full range of fittings. Where appropriate, all hold downs and fittings are strictly to API specifications.
Hold downs and fittings are available in a variety of materials to suit specific oil well conditions.

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